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Gordon Ramsay harshly critiques Dale Earnhardt Jr.s favorite snack

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the greatest drivers to sit behind the wheel of a stock car. But when it comes to making palatable sandwiches, his laps behind everyone else at least according to “Hell’s Kitchen” star and award-winning restaurateur Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay turned up at Delawares Dover International Speedway on Sunday to film scenes for an upcoming episode of his new Fox series The F Word, and later to serve as the grand marshal of the annual AAA 440 Drive for Autism.

But while he was there, Ramsay who is also well-known for roasting his Twitter followers for their poor culinary skills was asked to give his thoughts on Dale Earnhardt Jrs favorite sandwich of all time: banana and mayonnaise on white bread.


Needless to say, he was not impressed.

Wow. That would give me (a not-too-pleasant gastrointestinal situation) for three weeks, Ramsay told NASCAR.com about the dish, which has since become known as the Dalewich after Earnhardt posted a picture of one on his Twitter feed in April 2016.

Throw it away and start again, added Ramsay. I would not be eating (expletive) banana and mayonnaise, no. Whatever Muppet put those two together needs to clean their core.

Dale Jr. needs to call me.

In recent months, the Masterchef judge has made something of a habit of trashing strangers attempts at cooking, sometimes likening their dishes to vomit, or just plain chastising them for making an idiot sandwich.


In fairness, though, Ramsay did offer a few suggestions for revving up Dale Earnhardt Jr.s Dalewich by subbing out the mayo for crème fraiche.

Mashed banana, crème fraiche, little touch of vanilla. Id take that thing to the Premier League, he told NASCAR.com.

During his visit to the Monster Mile, Ramsay also chatted with Danica Patrick about their shared distaste for English breakfasts, and he whipped up a crab omelet for the crew of the Stewart-Haas Racing team, the Associated Press reports.

Ramsays segments from the Dover International Speedway in Dover, Del. are scheduled to air during this Wednesdays episode of The F Word at 9/8c on FOX. 

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